Living Water - bridge over Little Su River

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      Image Description

      An original impressionist oil painted landscape of a bridge crossing the Little Su, render in palette knife by Oregon fine artist Talya Johnson.. The Alaskan river Little Su, flows from the shadowed overhang of a small bridge, framed by smooth grey stones and verdant green foliage.

      Behind the Canvas

      The glacier fed, Little Susitna River in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, is a favorite painting subject for Alaskan artists. Lovingly nicknamed The Little Su, its cold turquoise waters meander down nourishing the land and providing visual delight to plein air painters, and photographers alike. As I painted in this favored public look out, I was tempted to paint the more picturesque view upstream. But as I looked downstream, I saw the highway overpass cutting through the landscape, spindly trees and branches barely containing the erosion from the overflowing spring thaw. The composition of man made versus nature intrigued me and I began to paint.

      As the painting progressed my mind started wandering (as it often does) to the symbols before me: bridge, rocks, new growth, and the living water feeding the ground and resurrecting all in its path from their long winter's sleep. It was an amazing reminder of the restorative power of God's word.

      This particular colorful painting is painted with thick impasto paint, using a palette knife in the impressionist style. Let it be a reminder for you too, and the restorative power of water, and the Word.