Community Remains Oil Portrait Number 17

Community Remains Oil Portrait Number 17

2-hour oil sketch or custom painting oil portrait hand painted from life

BFA thesis original oil paintings project Community Remains in partial requirement for a BFA in Drawing and Painting for Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) and Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC).Read Tali’s 2020 drawing and painting thesis Community Remains here.

Self portrait painting description (excerpt from thesis)

Eyesight and identity were also the driving force behind my own portrait (number 17), which is noticeably less “finished” than any other in the series. The left side of my face is left fairly undeveloped. My left eye socket is mostly blank with a single brush stroke of light-blue gray indicating placement for the iris.

The session painting myself was a left-over session: one of my sitters didn’t show up, and after waiting forty-five minutes I started painting myself from a picture on my iPad. Since my time was limited, and I was working from a still photo of a familiar subject, I deliberately used a different strategy for the portrait. I chose to just render just one or two features, but with far more precision, than my typical “sneaking up” approach facilitated. I focused on my right eye and brow. I became fascinated with the new folds my middle-aged face was acquiring, noticing for the first time I was developing dark “bags” under my eyes, as opposed to the happy crow’s feet I admire so much in older adults. In this realization I found a certain relief in shedding the pressure of making myself beautiful.

When my time ended, I thought I would return to the painting the next day. But as the days passed, I grew accustomed to my one-eyed face looking back at me. The expression was slightly less benevolent than the other painted faces around me, but it was accepting. The eye became an inner eye, symbolizing both insight and quite literally a deteriorating eyesight. My right eye contrasting significantly became the artist's eye, both calculating and creative, forever aware and open to new experience.