Community Remains Oil Portrait Number 30

Community Remains Oil Portrait Number 30

2-hour oil sketch or custom painting oil portrait hand painted from life

BFA thesis original oil paintings project Community Remains in partial requirement for a BFA in Drawing and Painting for Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) and Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC).Read Tali’s 2020 drawing and painting thesis Community Remains here.

Not all OCAC students got a sweet teach-out agreement with PNCA when the school closed and for this project I wanted to hear from some of the first and second year transfer students.

This young lady who is loved by everyone who knows her opened her heart and told me so much about her interesting history. Since she is always smiling, she is a bit harder to recognize but the likeness is there and shows her compassionate nature.

She was always one to do fun things with her hair and I was thrilled to be able add a pop of pure color onto my painted panel. The color obviously informed the painting of her roommate who came in with her. They insisted on having their portraits hung side-by-side. It reminded me of the strong bond I too formed in my first year of college. ~Tali