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    An original oil painting landscape of autumn in Alaska by American impressionist Talya Johnson.

    Behind the Scenes

    September is my favorite time of year in Alaska. Because the autumn season passes so quickly all the vegetation dresses in their Sunday best before taking their long winter's rest. Scarlet, yellow, autumn leaves, the deep violet shadow, and even splashes of crimson fireweed plants flood the senses with autumn colors.
    My attempt with this landscape painting was to push the traditional limited palette of red, yellow and blue to it's full capacity. The palette knife is one of, if not the, favorite of my artistic tools. It creates a unique texture reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh's style. Using the palette knife enables me to push color across the canvas without loosing their inherent identity and saturation in the foreground. This leaves me free to alter shapes without having to add additional layers enhancing the illusion of intertwining autumn foliage.
    I slowly allowed the blue-grays to dominate as the mountains continued to recede into the hazy sky. As I painted, I was struck by the metaphor and symbolism of the word "fall". How clear everything was in the present where I was, and how hazy it was in the distant future, where I will someday go. A brief parting of the sky reassured me that adventures indeed could be found "further up, and further in."

    An art print of this autumn landscape is sure to bring warmth to your home decor or wall art collection.