Forbidden Fruit

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    19 products

    Image Description

    Sliced watermelon still life in oil paint by Talya Johnson.

    Behind the Canvas

    I broke a whole lot of "rules" painting this little still life. Imagine my surprise when the "representational painting police" never showed up to arrest me!! Shall I confess my sins? I used colors straight from the tube. I painted with the sun directly on my canvas, I was playing hooky from a workshop given by a very-important-artist, I was breaking my color fast, I was painting when the sun was smack in the middle of the sky (very boring light), and I wouldn't let the kids eat the fruit while instead fed them ice cream for lunch. Am I repentant? Not in the slightest!!

    Remind those you love to savor the perfect moments with this happy little still life. Pleasure is not a sin, and there are really no rules for creating beauty.