Gold Lining - Chugach Mountain range en plein air

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      Image Description

      An original, en plein air oil painting of the Chugach Mountain range by contemporary impressionist Talya Johnson. High above a dark Alaskan landscape, soft clouds overlooking the Chugach mountain range are pierced by a prismatic stripe of sunlight.

      Behind the Canvas

      I painted this oil painting during the dead of Alaska's icy winter. A friend and I sat in the running car to stay warm, with her young children entertaining themselves in the back seat. Out attention spans were rather short, but we came determined to paint the beautiful Mat-Su Valley in winter,

      The opportunity provided a few minutes of sheer joy of focus that artists crave! I found myself adjusting the scene before me to convey the low golden light that is often prevalent during our long cold winter months, I moved mountains and trees to suit my purpose. It was completely instinctual, with very little conscious thought except for my initial choice of colors for my palette. Cool blues, warm violets and neutrals accentuated the vivid gold light lining the clouds.

      Such moments of introspective calm and peace continue to be the life-blood of my existence. Hang this painting in your home, office or workplace to bring a peaceful energy to your environment.