Pretty in Pink: cherry tree plein air landscape oil painting

Pretty in Pink: cherry tree plein air landscape oil painting

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Artwork Description

Oil on Hardboard


10 inches x 8 inches

Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves trees! And I am no exception. But it wasn’t until I moved from Alaska to Oregon that I witnessed the grand spectacle of a cherry tree adorned in all its fluffy pink glory. Truly, this was eye candy, and I was blown away.

This particular mature cherry tree was tucked away in a cul de sac like a grand lady dressed up with no where to go. Still, she certainly had an audience. Looking all around, it was hard not to envy the people who living so close, all with their beautiful manicured yards and large comfortable houses. At the time I was in the full swing of school—buried to my eyeballs with homework, debt, and responsibilities. But as soon as I started painting this grand-lady-of-a-tree my envy melted away. That is the wonderful thing about chasing beauty and trying to express it in paint, it suddenly makes you grateful just for the experience. It helps artists ground themselves in the moment, cementing the beauty in our minds and enveloping us in pure love. Pink is such a lovey color, isn’t it?