New Covenant - rainbow over marina

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21 products

Image Description

Oil paint landscape of a spectacular rainbow over Hood River marina, painted en plein air (open air, on site) by contemporary oregon impressionist Talya "Tali" Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

There are moments in my life that I honestly feel Deity smiling upon me. Sometimes, those moments occur early in the morning.

It is no secret I am not a morning person. Which is what makes this plein air landscape even more remarkable. An artist friend and I hurried to catch the sunrise over Hood River marina before the hustle and bustle of the Pacific Northwest Plein air event was to commence. Dawn was dreary, with flat overcast light, and a biting wind chopping up the Columbia River preventing the reflections we were hoping for.

And as we painted gloomily, disappointed that our early morning sacrifice was for naught...MAGIC! The clouds broke letting emerging light paint them vivid warm hues of salmon, red and pink. The sun burst from the horizon, and a stunning double rainbow swathed the hills behind the quiet marina. And I understood that Deity was renewing the covenant.

Bring New Covenant to your home and rejoice in the perfect moments of life. You can order print in sizes far larger than the original which bring out the unique textures and painterly quality of this impressionist colorful painting. ~Tali