Be Still - Casablanca Lilies with Copper

Image Description

An original oil painting of white Casablanca lilies set against the earthy colors of a copper plate by contemporary impressionist Talya Johnson. The backdrop of silvery green fabric soothes the contrast between the subjects.

Behind the Canvas

Painting still lifes is a long tradition among oil painters throughout the centuries, providing needed practice with the luxury of controlled lighting and still subjects. Fresh flowers, however, particularly these Casablanca Lilies from my garden, have proved to not be very still after all. I found myself chasing the light on them and the life quickly ebbed from their blossoms. My faith reminded me to keep my heart still while my brush rushed wildly to capture this moment. Casablanca lilies are my favorite flowers and they are a symbol for celebration. No wonder they don't hold still! When my time it up here, I expect Casablanca lilies planted with my remains.~ Peace