Mt. Hood Landscape Paintings

“Plein air painting can be difficult work, especially when you have to get up at 3am and race to catch the sunrise. I know from experience that there are a only few precious moments as the sun rises, that Mt. Hood turns a most glorious array color. Assuming of course our subject doesn't shy away under a blanket of clouds." ~Tali

Talya's Mt Hood original painting perfectly envision the scene of this quiet, not-so-gentle giant rising above the trees. Purchase your own Mt Hood masterpiece in wide variety of wall art décor and lifestyle products, as a canvas print (in a frame or unframed), or as a gift! A lovely landscape painting is sure to provide inspiration in your daily life.

About the landscape: Mt. Hood

62 miles (100km) east of Portland, Oregon, lies the delightfully verdant, Mount Hood National Forest. The eponymous Mount Hood, was titled by lieutenant William Robert Broughton in 1792 during his travels up the Columbia River. He named the mountain after the British Admiral, 1st Viscount Samuel Hood. Lt. Broughton described Mount Hood in his writings as, " A very high, snowy mountain ... rising beautifully conspicuous in the midst of an extensive tract of low or moderately elevated land." It's hard to imagine that this serene giant is actually a potentially active volcano! USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (located in Vancouver, Washington) monitors seismic activity from Mount Hood and provide weekly updates.