Still Life and Flower Oil Paintings

Still life painting or the painting of an arrangement inanimate objects has been around for thousands of years. For Talya Johnson, this traditional genre is a relatively new interest filled with endless possibilities. Her practice of creating still lifes began out of necessity-studying objects in real life light and atmosphere in order to render them convincingly. But once flowers, food, and household objects came into the mix, the narrative and symbolic qualities of these every-day objects sparked a creative delight that continues to drive Tali to explore new themes. Fueled by her love color, texture, and harmonic asymmetrical compositions, Tali enjoys bringing together unlikely combinations. Many of the modern still lifes she paints are from collaborative arrangements created during group paint togethers with other local artists. By carefully combining varied personal treasures, both modern and vintage items into the mix, she instills her visual art with a collective diversity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The original paintings for sale in this collection will be a welcome addition to any art collection. More so, the diverse textures and colorful motifs created through vigorous brush work and pallet knife application bring warmth and vibrancy to any tradition or modern artistic home decor.