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    Dahlia Wall Art: Colorful Modern Impressionist Floral Landscape Paintings and Home Decor Accessories

    I can never get enough of Dahlias! The late blooming summer flower is a personal favorite to grow, to view, and most of all, to paint! "Passion" was my first dahlia painting of my very first dahlia flower grown in Alaska. Once I moved to Oregon I was introduced to the Dahlia Festival in Canby Oregon!

    Imagine my sheer delight in seeing a landscape of row after row of hundreds of dahlia varieties. The floral landscape and the surrounding area sprawling before my eyes begged to be explored . While my collection of Dahlia images is still small, I have resumed growing them in my new home here in Salem, Oregon. Now that my schooling is completed and Covid is behind us I look forward to many more paintings of these hardy plants in my tiny urban outdoor space.

    Each artwork in this collection floral dahlia paintings is available in a wide range of products. Wall decor includes a choice of a canvas print, giclee print, metal print, and framed fine art print. The images are also available to be printed on artistic home decor accessories such has decorative throw pillows, totes bags, greeting cards, and shower curtains. 

    Each image, including floral landscape paintings, is first created (mostly from life or Plein air--meaning in open air) sketching a Notan thumbnail of my floral design. A Notan is a Japanese term that refers to the use of light and dark to create an interesting composition. My Notan thumbnail sketches are usually rendered very quickly sometimes using a pen or a marker. They are created simply with just the use of black and white. While I consider myself a colorist, my black and white sketches are the backbone of all my artworks. I've learned that if a painting doesn't "read" from across the room, an indistinct Notan is usually the culprit.

    I begin my paintings utilizing the inherent transparency or oil color. I will then quickly switch to using impasto. The impasto painting technique, with its thick painting application and lively brush work is better at creating the texture and three-dimensional effect that brings life and light to the artwork. The layers of thick paint create a sense of depth not easily replicated in thin color applications.

    Like many of my paintings, my painted dahlias and floral landscapes rely heavily on complementary colors schemes. I often use of broken color in order to minimize eye fatigue and add interest and contrast. I am always chasing that quality of color land light that is so indicative of modern impressionist painting. I avoid "petting" my canvas in an effort to minimize derivative repetition of brush work and form that can sometimes make colorful wall art seem kitsch and too sweet . My painting always comes from direct experience with my subjects and a happy place in my heart.

    One of my favorite aspects of dahlia flowers is their diversity. This variety is an important spice for my eyes helping me stay focused on such a wide selection of subjects. I honestly can't say that I have a favorite dahlia. I simply haven't met a dahlia that I don't adore! While the deep purple dinner-plate varieties usually steal the show, I find to low growing bright pinks miniatures with their almost red foliage equally exciting. To me dahlias, and flowers in general are as fascinating as the people I interact with. I try to capture the unique character of each bloom in paint, from the delicate petals to the intricate patterns arrangement. When I paint a flower landscape, I carefully follow the pattern of light and shadow in the scenic flower fields awash with color.

    I have spent countless hours tending to my own little garden, watching each beautiful flower grow and bloom. I take this same care and attention to detail with every painting and landscape I create. Flowers are as important as portraits, reflecting the cyclical nature of all life, and the hope of finding beauty again.

    Whether you're a fellow gardener or simply appreciate the beauty of flowers, I’m confident my dahlia wall art and artistic home decor accessories will be welcomed addition to your life. With their rich colors and dreamy rendering, these works of art are sure to bring blessing of energy and hope. Each item is carefully and lovingly crafted and makes a terrific gift for your loved ones on special occasion.