Beautiful Portrait Prints and Figures in Landscape

Painting portraits was always my first love in my art journey. I enjoy the variety in skin tones, facial features, lighting on the person being painted and and of course the personalities shining through my subjects face. While hanging a portrait of a stranger may seem odd in our super individualized society, the history of portraiture is a long and fascinating one

A good portrait will portray emotions and ideas difficult to convey through just beautiful images. Whether a beautiful woman, an innocent child, seasoned old man, the identity of the sitter isn't always important. Stunning portraits will draw us in. I'm usually attracted to poses that show the confidence of my subject, or alternately, vulnerability. My eyes are drawn to interesting shapes, objects, angles or even an unexpected shadow cast by something outside the frame. Figures and animals interacting with their location is also of interest. But what catches my breath every time are the expressions and micro expressions of painted subjects.

Ultimately, beautiful portraits tell intimate stories of lives outside our own. They help us connect to our fellow human beings while simultaneously help us look outside our tiny bubbles of existence. 

Each impressionist portrait image in this collection is an original work and is available as a canvas print, loose art print, framed print, or contemporary metal print. Impressionist portrait art prints make a perfect gift for people watchers and art lovers alike. Canvas prints of beautiful portraits are sure to attract interesting conversations and inquiries from both family and your home visitors.