Portrait and Figure Paintings - Originals

Colorful original oil portraits, commissioned oil portrait paintings, and figure oil paintings are all original artworks for sale by portrait artist Talya Johnson. From the very beginning of her art journey Tali loved drawing and painting people. Becoming a mother only intensified her desire to experience painting portraits from life. "Closely examining the human face is something that holds endless fascination for me. While all human beings are hardwired from infancy to seek out faces that return their gaze, I seem to have never satisfied the intensity of my own longing. As a child I remember painted portraits of both ancestors and strangers hung in the homes I inhabited. The images had a profound impact on my young mind, making me feel known and seen. I didn't necessarily view these portraits as works of art so much as proxies of the individuals they represented. . . While I was never one to be curious about far-away places and cultures, portraits, especially those with a direct gaze from the sitter, have continually kept me curious about the individuals they represented and the communities from which they came."