Landscape Wall Art

Alaskan Artist Beginnings

It has been said that Queen Mab, mistress of the winter court of fairies, is as beautiful as she is cold. This description fits Alaska perfectly. It is oddly fitting that Talya's artistic journey began there, in the land of the midnight sun. Long monochrome winters fueling her search for color during the short summer months. Many of the landscapes pictured here are mementos of Tali's stay in the frigid embrace of Queen Mab.

Inspiration from Nature

Artist Tali plein air painting a row of pink cherry blossoms in spring

The beautiful Pacific Northwest features diverse artistic landscape views and scenic panoramas for creative Inspiration: Mountain ranges, peaceful hillsides, fertile river valleys, rugged coastal vistas, and picturesque country farms. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest most of her life, this beautiful area is where Tali’s painterly process is grounded. Talya devoted her love for the area in Alaska where summer hiking and blueberry picking trips became a cherished family activities. An avid gardener, she soon started to develop an appreciation for all the varieties of flora in areas close to her home. She learned to paint Alaska’s dramatic mountain ranges under the mentorship of long-time Alaskan illustrators. Eventually she took her work outdoors and started painting on location.

Inspired by her painting trips to Oregon, Tali eventual moved the the Portland Metro area and has settled in the beautiful Capitol of the state, Salem. Here, she has enjoyed the longer painting seasons, and close proximity to the scenery of the Pacific coast with its peaceful sandy beaches and rocky beaches. The tame farmlands, flower and fields of lavender, iris, and dahlia farms provide diverse color harmonies for her art. Mt. Hood paintings and plein air compositions from the Columbia River Gorge are an endless source of landscape painting subjects. Oil painting landscapes and wall art by this passionate artist is sure to ignite and support a love for this unique area of the world.