Dance with Me - sunflower still life bouquet

Image Description

A lively original oil painting depicting a still life scene of a sunflower bouquet by contemporary impressionist Talya Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

Enjoy this lively impressionist image of a yellow sun flower bouquet, violet and magenta dahlias, asters, a few precious heirlooms, and some fresh market lemons and deep purple plump grapes. This still life was painted in happiness and joy, amongst my best of friends. Art has found a way of reaching my closest, most intimate relationships.

The name of this original painting is derived from the lyrics of a favorites song. My paintings are often titled from my favorite music or literature. One art genre melting into another. In my painting you will notice particular attention given to the colour and texture of the object. Reflecting light on the vase and balancing the color of bright sun-flower petals with the darker background was a challenge, but the resulting picture was well worth the effort.

Good food, good people, good music, and a whole lot of oil paint. What a delightful late summer weekend with my Painted Ladies, Inc. partners. The fun was in the gathering, scoring a new vase and a bouquet of garden sunflowers at the market. Collaborating three different tastes in aesthetics into one cohesive sunflower still life. Dance with Me!

The juxtaposition of lively colour with old world chiaroscuro makes for happy teammates in this impressionist sunflower painting that would be at home in any room or office. ~Tali

"I am following Nature without being able to grasp her... I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. " - Claude Monet

"I'm now painting with all the elan of a Marseillais eating soup, which won't surprise you when I tell you I'm painting large sunflowers." -artist Vincent Van Gogh