Face Off - Boy facing his dragon kite

Image Description

Colorful Alaskan landscape painting of a boy flying a dragon kite in the Palmer hay flats with mountains rising in the distance. This oil painted original Alaska landscape is painted in a style inspired by French impressionism by Oregon contemporary artist Talya Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

A boy faces his flying dragon kite on a warm sunny day, at the Palmer Hay flats park. Majestic mountains flank the open wild flower field, as the wind dances through the green and golden grass. For those just looking in, it is a sweet and calming landscape of the endless hours afforded during the midnight sun of Alaskan summers. Those with eyes that see and ears that hear will slowly pick up on the significance of the symbols represented.

The Palmer hay flats, not far from the Ekluta tidal flats, aren't only a place of refuge and sanctuary to the local and migrating birds, but to my family as well. As I watched my son fly his dragon kite I was struck by his courage. Life has not been easy for him, and trials seem to continue to compound upon him. Yet, he faces his dragon squarely it the monumental attempt to balance flight with direction.

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