Growth - Alaska treescape grove backlit

Image Description

A backlit grove of trees stands tall providing a particularly interesting abstract design. Colorful brush strokes and thick impasto paint finish off this lively treescape. Golden sun light glows through the sparse autumn foliage of a aspen trees and birch trees. The shadow of the tree trunks stretch across the fresh snow. But near the base of each tree, green grass continues to grow, a stubborn spark of summer colour.

Behind the Scenes

Because of Alaska's harsh weather, trees often fall during our long and windy winter months. Those that survive grace us with their beauty and remind us of the stretching we must do, and flexibility we must have, in order for growth to occur within ourselves.

"This colorful painting will bring lively afternoon light to any office, home, or business decor. Hang it where you want to be reminded of the powerful strength that comes from growth." ~Tali