Impressionist Chick

Image Description

An original fine art oil painting of a young chick rendered in the style of impressionism on an abstract color background by Oregon artist Talya Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

Only a few days old, I could not help but paint little Miss Sugar here. Her gesture and fuzzy feet reminded me and a little girl trying on her mama's high heels. So sure of herself yet terribly vulnerable and impressionable, I wondered what her fate would be.

My son raised Sugar to be a full grown hen that looked like an angel. Feathers whiter than white, and as sweet as they get, she was a family favorite and my son's pride and joy. I often miss the fresh eggs our chickens provided.

When the time came to find another flock for her (thanks to our new guard dog, who really liked chicken, yum!) my son was very brave in saying goodbye and letting her go, He knew she was going to a good home where her naturally good nature and superb motherly instincts would be used to raise another flock, (This breed, white Cochins, are known for their motherly, patient temperaments, and are often used for laying on and hatching eggs).

As the time nears for my son to also find his own way in the big world, I pray I will be as brave as he was when he had to say goodbye to Sugar. He will always be my little impressionable boy, so eager to grow up, just like this beautiful little chick. ~Tali.
Art prints of Impressionist Chick can be purchased framed or otherwise and as canvas prints perfect for a gift or wall art for artistic home decor.