Iris Foxfire - palette knife oil painting

Image Description

Original oil painting of Iris flowers painted in the style of French Impressionism by Oregon fine artist Talya Johnson. Fanciful Irises bloom and dance like magical foxfire on an abstracted background.

Behind The Canvas

Saturated visual complements vibrated strongly as I painted these irises blooming at Schreiner's Iris Gardens in Salem Oregon. I’m not sure if I see the vibrations more readily due to my eye condition, or if my eyes were simply weary that day from all the color stimulus the garden had to offer, but I’ve learned long ago to just go with it, and paint what I see. Out came the palette knife scooping thick oil color straight out of the tube. The sensation was like frosting a frozen cake and I relished the journey my passionate muse thrust upon me.

I’m often torn between my desire to paint realistically and my desire to abstract. My poor eyesight forces abstracted views, but my marvel at detail (when I can make it out with corrective lenses and a little luck) competes for my attention and demands expression. Sometimes I’ll paint with detail only to obliterate it with a palette knife later. Other times I’ll start with the knife, and slowly chip away at the color until clarity and detail emerge.