Lemon and Magenta - flowers and radish

Image Description

A dreamy still life of a peony flower, roses, dianthus, and radish. This original oil painting featuring bright yellows and magenta was painted in the Impressionist style by contemporary fine artist Talya (Tali) Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

Not all my paintings have some profound meaning or symbols, Some, like this quiet still life are an exercise in aesthetics and composition--paring colors and shapes that are united by the flow and temperature of light. This arrangement is all about contrasts of warm and cool colors bathed in natural overcast light. Round and plump versus round and flat, magenta (or red violet, or maroon) versus lemon. It's all mishmash of harvest from my Alaskan garden, the huge peony, a sprinkling of dianthus, the stray radish, and the gorgeous roses, that are so short lived in our frigid state.

Place this painting wherever you need to introduce a splash of color and a peaceful harmony that the repeating rounded shapes provide. ~Tali