Local Color - oil painted landscape of a wildflower field in Alaska

Image Description

Original floral landscape painting of an Alaskan iris wildflower meadow and the Chugach Mountain range, painted in oil paint by contemporary fine artist, Talya Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

This particular field in Eklutna Flats, Anchorage County, Alaska is one of my favorite painting spots. Each June, thousands of wild irises burst into bloom. A lake of blue and violet blossoms bathing in the precious Alaskan sunlight, all under the stoic gaze of the Chugach Mountains. Mingling among the towering irises you can find many other wildflowers. Shooting stars and potentilla flowers are not uncommon. While irises have little natural scent, the air is flavored with the sweet from white yarrow. Summer sunshine and the chatter of insects gossiping in the underbrush lend a meditative atmosphere to this beautiful wildflower meadow.

Local color is an artist term for describing an object's innate color. For example the local color of grass is green. I enjoy describing shapes in the broken color of the light spectrum. Do to my Keratoconus, this is how I see. ordinary objects burst into halos of prismatic hues. The painting "Local Color" describes the full spectrum of how I see Alaska in the height of its glory.

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