Mother's Day Oasis - woodland river landscape

Image Description

"Mother's Day Oasis" is an original oil landscape of Ponytail Falls by Oregon impressionist Talya "Tali" Johnosn.

Behind the Canvas

On Mother's Day my family trekked up Horsetail Falls trail in the Columbia River Gorge. I set up my painting beneath the gigantic basalt overhang right behind Ponytail Falls, as the rest of the clan proceeded on the trail ahead.

I've rarely witnessed such lush greens as there were that day, with the sun coming in and out from behind the Pacific Northwest overcast clouds. The sound of the falls drowned out any curious hikers that passed behind me. For a few precious moments I was able to immerse myself completely in the scene. The power and magnitude of the falls seemingly washing away all my cares as it tumbled down toward the majestic Columbia River.

May this painting bring you to that oasis of peace as well, reminding you of the transient nature of worldly cares in comparison to the majestic universal plan.