Nesting - palette knife painted landscape with bird nest green hills and red poppies

Image Description

A palette knife oil painting featuring a nest on a disused telephone pole by contemporary impressionist Talya Johnson. Emerald green hills touch the horizon while bright red poppies grow in foreground.

Behind the Canvas

This colorful impressionist oil painting was inspired by my time painting in the various lavender farms in the Wilamette Valley of Oregon. I enjoyed wandering around the various farms looking for less obvious subjects, and this disused old telephone pole caught my eye. Flanked by the beautiful green hills in the background, golden dried grasses in the mid ground and bright red poppies blooming in the foreground, an unassuming bird house caught my eye. I zoomed my camera in and couldn’t believe my luck in seeing a tiny bird feeding her young within the nest. I determined to paint the scene when I got back to my studio.

I painted this original artwork with professional grade oil colors layered on top of each other with a palette knife. The layering technique creates what is called “broken color” which enables the human eye to blend prismatic colors into cohesive forms while protecting exciting complementary color vibrations.

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