Nomad - Alaska Landscape with Joe Redington's boat in Knik Alaska

Image Description

A landscape oil painting of a fishing boat dry docked in the Knik mudflats with an Alaska mountain range. rising in the background This original landscape of Alaskan scenery was painted by impressionist fine artist Talya "Tali" Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

An oldie, but goodie!

The famous fishing boat, Nomad, was owned by the late Joe Redington Sr., Father of the Iditarod. It is dry docked on the Knik mudflats close to the Redington's old homestead off Knik Goose Bay road, in historic Knik, Alaska.

This original oil painting is full of contrasts that is nature's delicate balance. Land and water, flight and stillness, towering mountains and sunken fields, warm sun on the cold Knik flats, all these elements complete the peaceful yet colorful scene,

On a deeper level this painted landscape is a tribute to my friend Bill Devine. I worked with Bill for several years at a wholesale souvenir distributer. We designed and illustrated many promotional items depicting Alaska's beautiful grandeur. I was supposed to teach him how to use the computer, but instead he taught me more about art and the beauty of Alaska than anyone else to that point. He taught me how to be free and how to be loyal. He was a wonderful artist and a better man.

Bill was very close to Redingtons and often spoke of them and their Alaskan adventures in this last frontier. He even gave me an autographed seal that was carried by Joe Redington on his last Iditarod trail sled dog race.

Bill has now joined his friends in the great beyond, but like the Nomad, that quietly and faithfully guards this beautiful area, Bill's footprint continues to linger in my life.