Overlook - abstract landscape

Image Description

A colorful abstract landscape of Woodland Washington by contemporary impressionist Talya "Tali" Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

I like layers, multiple meanings, multiple messages wrapped up in one word, one image. Sometimes the joy is in the discovery, the mystery; "What is the message in the painting? Why is this painting resonating with me so strongly?" These are questions not just for the viewer, they are questions that linger with the artist as well. I'm not sure I will ever have all the answers for the questions Overlook asks. What did I miss? Is it pointing to the future? Or simply taking it all in? I suppose only time will tell. But what I do know, is that this painting, this abstracted interpretation of the view from a friend's home in Woodland, WA, started singing its own song from the moment the thinned paint touched canvas. I fought it at first, tried to reign it in. I eventually gave up and let my painting knife have its way, scooping expensive pigments and smearing them with abandon as it defined the crystalline divide before me. It won me over. It's questioning song still ringing in my ears challenging me to look closer within myself. What song does "Overlook" sing to you?