Parts of the Whole 2- abstract landscape of trees

Image Description

An original abstract landscape of a tree and mountain by contemporary impressionist Talya "Tali" Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

I have sons that are on the autism spectrum. A common characteristic of those autistics is an insatiable interest in parts of the whole. Not the tree, but the bark, not the train, but the wheels, not the iPod, but its parts. Its often difficult for them to see the big picture, since they hyper focus on the details.

By contrast, I am not particularly detail oriented in my paintings. I try to express the whole. It can be overwhelming. How much of the scene should I include? More importantly, how much do I NOT include. I often feel that one of the marks of an interesting painting is what the artist chooses to exclude.

But not always.

The whole of this scene at Mountainside Lavender farm was too much, and my original abstracted plein air struggled to come together. I thought of my sons, and got an idea. What if I remove the parts from the whole?

Four miniature abstracts emerged. Powerful. Expressive. Passionate. Each hold its individual story. Though they are certainly cut from the same cloth (artboard), each holds its individual story.
It seems that sometimes the parts speak as powerfully as the whole.

This miniature would look beautiful floating in a wide frame or with a wide mat. Feel free to contact me with any questions. ~Tali