Passion - Dahlia Painting Abstract Art

Beautiful print of painted orange dahlias intertwining on a opalescent abstracted background. Each petal or the original oil painting was hand sculpted with a palette knife inviting you to explore every inch of its textured surface. The color saturation of the reproductions rivals even that of modern acrylic paint!

Behind the Scenes

The gorgeous red-orange dahlia plant that grew in my Alaskan flower garden was a constant inspiration, reminding me of the fiery passion I have for painting. The backlighting and intertwining of each dahlia flower radiated strength, vitality, beauty, creativity, and a pure passionate love. This scene remains one of my personal favorites, though the original was snatched up right away. I have a beautiful large quality giclee canvas print from Fine Art America in my own home that I treasure. Framed prints of “Passion” are also available for purchase.

The image of vibrant oil paint captured in a frame is sure to bring blessings and energy into your life. Hang it where you need a bright spot of color and light. ~Tali