Persian Cobalt - yellow roses in cobalt vase

Image Description

This still life feature yellow old world rose in a cobalt vase resting on a polished mahogany table, painted in oils by contemporary impressionist artist Talya "Tali" Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

It is very difficult to grow roses in Alaska. Even the hardiest of the varieties struggle to survive under the harsh conditions. Succeeding to grow these little fragrant roses was a short-lived thrill! Dozens of tiny old-fashioned double yellow roses graced my Alaskan garden for several weeks. As the season was about to end I gathered them all up and set up several different still lifes. I enjoyed the visual contrast between the dainty yellow and the powerful cobalt of the vase. Reflections on the mahogany table were icing on a cake!

I painted this in seven fairly transparent layers on oil. In the original, the depth this technique yielded will take your breath away. Bring a little Alaskan north light to your home with this painting of Persian Yellow roses surrounding a cobalt blue vase!