Poppy's Secret

Image Description

An original oil painting depicting a colorful poppy flower from an Alaskan garden, by contemporary impressionist Talya(tali) Johnson. A bright green pod explodes into lush magenta petals. This particular variety of poppy has petals with ragged edges. resembling tongues of flame encircling their precious treasure. Captured in the texture of flowing brushstrokes, this majestic bloom is positively animated with life!

Behind the Canvas

"I can't even imagine summer without my poppies. They reseeded themselves and multiplied regardless of my care for them. Their energy was a continuing source of strength as I watched them nod in the breeze with the center seed pods heavy and plump, and their petals translucent in the the midnight sun. This image will be a constant source of joy and energy to all who receive it. Hang this painting in your home, office, or business where you could use the vivacious and happy energy these this colorful bloom exudes." ~Tali