Smooth Sailing - Sailboat on Alaska Inside Passage

Image Description

"Smooth Sailing" is an original landscape oil painting by impressionist Talya Johnson featuring a sailboat in the Alaskan Inside Passage.

Behind the Canvas

Wouldn't is be nice if life was guaranteed to be smooth sailing? I find that life's storms and overcast cloudy gray days can make me long for a silver lining, or better yet, a break in the clouds and a little sunshine to brighten my day.

Such was my mood on this particular day during my Inside Passage Cruise, after several days of overcast zero-visibility. I was one of the organizers of The Great Alaskan Plein Air Painting Retreat, and was worried the typical Pacific Northwest weather would dampen the artists enthusiasm.
As I looked out my stateroom cabin window, seeing the landscape slowly passing by during a break in my duties, I noticed the clouds were parting. The purple and blue mountains were being lit directly making the green foliage on the trees shine. The sails of a little sailboat echoed the bright sun shining on the tips of a few clouds. The scene was mesmerizing, and still a treasured memory. I took a quick photo and proceeded to paint as the majestic Alaskan landscape (or is it seascape?) lazily traveled by.

Bring this original impressionist oil painting to you own living space to remind you of the days that the clouds part revealing a beautiful landscape that often passes us by too quickly. It has been scanned at a very high resolution to make much larger prints available if you have a large space to fill. I enjoy my huge fine art canvas prints of my small painting. They look as if I used a house brush and a huge canvas, while maintaining the authentic loose, abstract, and sketchy feel of a plein air painting. ~Tali