Tulip Princess - Impressionist Girl in Pink Dress With Orange Tulips

Image Description

A small child in a pink dress, back-lit within a lush garden of orange tulips. The sunlight arches across her hair as she looks toward the viewer. This painting is an original modern portrait by professional impressionist Talya Johnson.

Behind the Scenes

This was painted from photos I took during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I'm an officer of Painted Ladies, Inc. which hosts a Plein air retreat at the Tulip Festival. During the retreat, my partners and I teach mini-workshops, provide marketing ideas, and hire models for live-painting and photographs. After my workshop was over I spotted this little girl who was completely enthralled with the Tulips. She kept her parents very busy darting from one field to another. I asked them for permission to photograph her and caught her right as her parents were speaking to her from behind me, reminding her not to pick the Tulips. Her adorable back-lit face along with the contrasts of the warm orange Tulips with her cool pink dress made for an exciting and playful image.