Wildrain Lavender Farm

Image Description

A landscape oil painting depicting row after row of beautiful purple lavender curving toward a warm horizon partially obscured by a stout plush tree. This scene from the Wildrain Lavender Farm was painted in a style inspired by French Impressionism, by fine artist Talya Johnson.

Behind the Canvas

Dozens of different lavender farms and nurseries in Oregon open their doors to the public for a days in July. As part of the celebration, plein air painters and artists are also invited to come into these fragrant fields to paint. For just two precious days, I was able to leave the harsh realities of my world to soak in all these lavender farms had to offer. Just standing in the midst of a lavender field with its overwhelming beauty and aroma was medicine enough to restore my calm and recharge my spirit.

Wild Rain Lavender farm in Yamhill, proved to be a particularly delightful spot, with it's colorful varieties and countryside charm. I stayed all day and painted my worries away, under the bright sun and clear skies.

May this painting bring warmth, calm, and peace to your home or office. ~Tali