Wisteria Flow - impressionist floral landscape

Image Description

Gnarled woody vines twist and intermingle with delicate green shoots and fragrant violet blossoms heavy under the weight of the efflorescence. Long cultivated and admired for its luminous blooms that cascade and taper with reverence, Wisteria flowers have come to universally symbolize transcendent love, and immortality. Wisteria Flow features the duality inherent to wisteria vines and trees when they are in height of spring bloom. The clusters of blue, lavender, and purple flowers glow in dappled light against the tangled vines. Additional dimension is created through light and shadow shimmering on the neutral wall that supports the sprawling specimen.

The original oil painting was hand painted as a diptych. This image was created digitally by joining two scans from the original artwork, creating a wide horizontal panoramic view. Despite its contemporary creation, Wisteria Flow will enhance French country decor or Tuscan inspired home decor, adding romance and vintage to the modern home. Prints with this image are appropriate gift for, weddings, valentines, Mother's Days, or anniversaries.