Meadow in Summer Afternoon: Plein air landscape

Meadow in Summer Afternoon: Plein air landscape

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Artwork Description

Oil on Linen board


8 inches x 16 inches

Behind the Scenes

Oregon summers aren’t necessarily known for for having blistering temperatures, but 2020 seems to be an exception for everything. I chose to brave the temperatures in order to capture this open meadow not too far from my home. It’s located right behind Tualatin Elementary school, and at first glance seems quite ordinary. Many locals enjoy walking their dogs in this field and whoever owns the property, makes sure the is always a pathway mowed. It’s one of those slow places, where nothing really happens, except the changing of the seasons and flora.

But if you pay attention, the field is in a constant state of flux, waxing and waning as surely as the moon tides. Plants come in and out of bloom, grasses green up, grow tall then dry up, berries mature in the hot sun, then drop their fruit to create newer generations. The light changes in both intensity and angle, while clouds gather and disperse. Birds, insects, and little ground animals are always scurrying creating a soothing meditative background noise. I love it here. It’s really nothing special, but an entire universe in unto itself.