Last Stand


    The wooded area around my home is being cleared for new homes. Many of the new homeowners choose to clear cut their properties. Most of this beautiful stand of birch trees and aspen trees was cut down shortly after I painted it. I could almost feel its defiance as it majestically held up its beautiful limbs...for the last time.

    A fall tree original painting with a defiant display of early autumn color. The palette knife rendered texture beautifully captures the paper-like bark of each tree trunk an their golden foliageIf you look closely you may recognize this birch tree and aspen tree forest from a few of my other landscape/tree paintings. namely: 

    Welcome Home - An oil painting of the embrace of a birch tree's glittering green foliage
    Unexpected Path - A fanciful trip between soft pastel paint tree trunk's
    Redemption - Celebratory red autumn tree landscape painting rendered in oil paint

    “This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realize that it is August: the summer's last stand.” - Sara Baume