Image Description

    A tree-scape of birch and aspen trees. Each elegant white tree trunk reaches toward a clear blue sky and explodes autumn colour. The birch tree trunk and branches extend past the canvas edge seemingly infinite and all encompassing. You may notice the absence of a horizon line in the background, creating the sense of placeless-ness and wonder of a worms-eye view.

    Behind the Scenes

    A large palette knife painting of my back yard wood in it's autumn glory. Once again I set aside my paint brush in favor of a palette knife and the sculptural texture its edge bestows to paint and canvas. The original painting was going to be named "Looking up", but half way through painting it, I started getting frustrated. My husband, trying to help, asked me what I was trying to achieve with the painting. I snapped at him, "Redemption! I'm embarrassed by my lack of skill, by my big paintings that turn out so different than what I initially intend. I want redemption!" But as soon as these words came out of my mouth, I was given my focus. I stopped trying to render every tiny leaf, every piece of white birch bark in the tree trunks, I stopped worrying about what others would think, and I started thinking of the fall, the birch tree, the tree bark, its leaves, and the underlying sign that was put there just for me to find.

    If you look closely you may recognize this birch tree and aspen tree forest from a few of my other landscape/tree paintings. namely:
    Welcome Home - An oil painting of the embrace of a birch tree's glittering green foliage.
    Unexpected Path - A fanciful trip between soft pastel paint tree trunk's.

    Last stand - A golden Fall tree-scape's final farewell.

    Add this original birch tree painting into you home decor! A giclee print provides a bold statement of inspiration and motivation right on your living room wall ~Tali