Still life oil painting of art with pearls, white tea kettle with blue hydrangea Blooms, grapes, plumb, and red onion, original artwork for sale by Artist Talya Johnson

High Tea Homage: still life with kettle hydrangea peals onions grapes and plum

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Artwork Description

Oil on Paper


9 inches x 12 inches

Behind the Scenes

I cant tell you how much I love making sets with my artist girlfriends. I suppose it’s the type of grown-up version of little girls playing tea-time or dress-up. We go scouring thrift shops for pretty little finds to take home. Then we arrange, playing with color, repeating patterns, and of course directing light. From the outside it looks like a mess with boxes and draped fabrics, clip-on lights, and a pile of discarded items we chose to cut from the scene. But you can’t see all that mess in the resulting paintings, it’s all elegance and sophistication in the art. And I adore this contrast, this knowing I have behind the scenes, and being able to choose what I’ll show and what I won’t. I become the author of the story.