Her Muse: plein air woman oil painting lavender

Her Muse: plein air woman oil painting lavender

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Artwork description

Oil on linen board, unframed. A woman wearing white and a wide brim hat paints en plein air in an Oregon field of lavender blooms. Unframed. All original artwork ships free to the US with a 30 day return and refund policy.


8x10 inches

Materials used:

Professional quality oil colors and medium, linen mounted on board

Behind the Canvas

I've been painting with Karen Whitworth for over six years now. It's one of those friendships that evolved slowly as all the pieces found where they fit together. The right place, the right time, the right personalities. It is a friendship nurtured by the love of everything art and painting and human.

I'm very accustomed to that certain look Karen gets when completely within her art zone. The tilt of her head, the brushes sometimes in her mouth or hair, the squint of her eyes...I'd recognize her painting posture from a mile a way, sitting or standing. Her presence a sort of safety blanket for me, even when we are far from each other and not speaking (we usually don't speak much while we paint together).

During the lavender festival, I saw her standing smack dab in the middle of the lavender field; not posed, not aware of anything around her. She was painting happily from an angle no other artists had considered. I knew that I must brave the hot, direct, flat sun, and try to capture "that look" I've become so familiar with.

It was surprising how quickly this figurative plein air impressionist painting came together. The discomfort from painting in the midday sun encouraged my swiftness, no doubt. Once I captured her stance I felt nothing else mattered, and left the rest of the painting vague and undefined. A lovely artist, on a hot day, painting in her white dress, white shawl to protect herself from the sun, and signature dark wide brimmed hat; painting amongst the bees and lavender. I could jump right back in every time I look at this painting. So could you!! ~Tali