Modern Impressionist Flower Paintings

Floral Wall Art: Bringing Beauty and Happiness to Your Home

If you can't have fresh flower arrangements on constant display in your home, floral wall art is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your surroundings. Whether you prefer a modern maximalist style or a more traditional Impressionism look, there are plenty of options to choose from for your living room, bedroom, home office, or any room in your house. From a framed print and gallery wrap canvas wall art to contemporary metal prints and decorative tapestries, there is a perfect impressionist flower painting for all.

Here you will find images filled with brilliant color and texture come together in a symphony of vibrant beauty. Tali's passion for gardening and small urban flower garden is a constant source of inspiration.

Each of Tali's flower paintings makes for stunning wall decor. From peonies to red poppies, sunflowers to pink roses, your wall decor will bloom. Dahlias, a particular favorite, also captures the blossoms in their colorful glory.

Talya Johnson's modern impressionist floral paintings are set apart by her approach to rendering blooms as portraits, rather than as still life subjects found in most botanical wall art. While some blossoms may appear similar to one another at first glance, close observation of her textured works will unveil the uniqueness of each flower.

Through her colorful original oil paintings, Talya Johnson strives to capture the fleeting beauty of her subjects, mirroring individuality and ultimate mortality. A flower's existence is brief, from bud to bloom, and then to bruise, tear, wither, and dry. Only a select few will bear fruit. However, the essence of each blossom remains etched in the hearts of those who take the time to notice. The flower art in this gallery collection aims to recreate this liminal quality in a single frame in time, granting immortality to fleeting moments and subjects.

Talya Johnson's artistic style utilizes impasto painting, technique, known for its thick, textured palette knife oil color application and lively brushstrokes. This approach adds unique texture and depth to all her works.

A flower art print makes a thoughtful purchase for gift giving to anyone who loves art, color, or flower gardening. Available accessories include greeting cards, floral tote bags, shower curtains, or decorative throw pillows. Whether you prefer roses, dahlias, lavender flora, there is a floral print out there for you. And with a variety of sizes and formats for framed art prints, you can create a beautiful gallery wall and find a perfect piece to complement your home decor. Visitors to your home or office are sure to notice your excellent tastes.

But flower wall art isn't just about decoration. It's also about inspiration and happiness. Flowers are a traditional symbol of vitality and love. Including floral artwork to your home invites joy and positivity--reminders to stop and appreciate the beauty, while offering hope that we will see such divinity again…even on the coldest winter day.